How To Cum More: Things You Can Do To Increase Your Seminal Fluid


shoot-a-bigger-loadHave you ever wanted to increase the amount of seed you’re putting out there but haven’t been sure how to achieve that task? There are actually a lot of benefits to increasing the size of your load that you may not know about. For one, the increase in a healthy lifestyle required to shoot that extra spunk is guaranteed to boost your mood and make you healthier overall. But it also can increase your self esteem as well as make you way more attractive to women with your new found confidence that radiates, putting out a signal like a homing beacon that says you’re not only good in the sack, but you’ve got the masculine capacity. Shooting a big load is an extremely masculine thing to do, and ladies will be impressed with your attitude and start to find you irresistible.

While ejaculating a lot is great and there are a lot of perks that come with it, there are just as many disadvantages to not ejaculating enough. Not ejaculating as much as you should indicates to women that you are not as fertile as another man might be and indicates to their brain to seek another partner. It also just isn’t as impressive. Picture blowing a huge load and then getting out a tiny little load in comparison. When you put them up against each other, you seem like you’re just a lackluster dude who really isn’t that turned on or into women, signaling the lady in question that she isn’t that attractive and thus gets totally turned off. It also may indicate that you’re not as healthy as you should be, also a huge turnoff for women. Who wants to hop into the sheets with a guy that’s not at peak physical health? That’s not going to make a good mate and a girl will automatically think you’re not going to last as long as you could.

What you may not know is how to cum more, but these tips and tricks on how to shoot a bigger load can help you start cumming properly and impressively. If you want to know how to ejaculate more, you’re going to have to start by changing your lifestyle. Eating certain foods, drinking more fluids, and taking certain supplements will all help you to figure out how to cum more and really start impressing the ladies.

How To Ejaculate More And Appear More Attractive

increase your sperm countHave you ever thought about how you would like to ejaculate more but just thought it was impossible? It’s actually not, and learning how to ejaculate more is going to help you appear more attractive to women because you’ll be walking around with a quiet confidence that doesn’t need to be stated to be effective. One of the ways that will really show you how to increase seminal fluid really works with the right approach is to drink more fluids. The amount of cum you release when you ejaculate is actually very dependent on the level of fluids you’re taking in. Semen is water based, and the fluid in your ejaculate makes up a large percentage of the fluid expelled and lubricates the path for your sperm. The body also requires six to eight glasses a day to function at its highest level, so you can imagine how this translates to your load. Cutting back on alcohol will also increase your ejaculate because alcohol dehydrates you and cuts back on the fluid your body has expendable. Make sure you drink enough water, and you’re on your way to learning how to ejaculate more.

Another thing you can do that you might not have heard of or even want to do is cut out the masturbating. That’s right, cut out the jerking off. The human body produces more than 1,500 sperm literally every second on the average. That’s up to 200 million sperm cells in a single day. But whenever you cum, you lose a big chunk of those sperm. When you hold off on getting to orgasm for a day or two, your body replenishes that sperm with room to spare and has all those fluids saved up ready to go. Another way how to shoot a bigger load is to stop wearing underwear that’s overly tight. That’s right, you want boxers over briefs every time to keep the temperature ideal for semen and avoid decreasing the semen levels in your body. Same for crossing your legs, you’re squashing your testicles and increasing the temperature. Sit straight and keep your legs in uncrossed position for best results.

How To Increase Seminal Fluid

Supplements are a great way to find out how to increase seminal fluid. Taking zinc and folic acid is a great way to increase the amount of spunk you put out. Taking these essential minerals together helps with the process of metabolism and has been found to increase sperm count in men. Take 1 mg of the folic acid along with 15 mg of zinc on a daily basis or every other day. Taking amino acids is also a great way to find out how to shoot more cum. Since aminos are the way to build proteins, taking these compounds will boost your seminal fluid by a hefty amount. Taking L-Lysine, L-Carnitene, and L-Arginine are a great way to boost that fluid. Try out Horny Goat Weed as well. This herbal supplement has been sworn to work by many people who use it, purportedly cutting back on enzymes that block the flow of blood to the penis.

Other lifestyle changes to your diet and exercise makes a big difference as well. Stop drinking soda since the high fructose corn syrup is bad for your little soldiers. Start eating more fruits and vegetables to receive the benefits of their antioxidants on your ejaculate. Try eating blueberries, cranberries, spinach, apples, blackberries, artichokes, bananas, and other high-density foods to start seeing results. Stop smoking to see a higher sperm count and improve your sex drive as well as increase blood circulation, resulting in higher sperm counts.

If you truly want to find out how to cum more, look into Kegel exercises. Also called PC muscle exercises, you can find out how to increase seminal fluid by doing these workouts to prolong your orgasm as well as increase the amount you ejaculate. If you really want to find out how to cum more, increase the amount of exercise you get. Regular workouts contribute to increasing your sperm count and thus your load. As always, practice safe sex to avoid getting nasty infections that can reduce loads. Follow these tips and you’ll be amazed at how much your load increases.

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